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From 1 September 2016

Subject matter

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the services provided by Apartmani Veribo d.o.o. (hereinafter Veribo) to its clients (hereinafter Client).

1.2. By using the apartment rental Service provided by Veribo, as well as by payment of the Reservation Deposit, the Client agrees to be bound by and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. The duration of the rental period is determined in the Reservation Confirmation

Reservation and Reservation cancellation

2.1. To confirm his reservation, the Client must pay a Reservation Deposit (equivalent to 50% rent, unless otherwise specified) within 24 hours from the reservation confirmation. The Reservation Deposit is deducted from the entire rent upon check-in. Upon receipt of payment Veribo will issue the Client a written Reservation Confirmation and Invoice for deposit

2.2. In case of reservation cancellation, the Reservation Deposit is refundable under the following conditions:

• reservation cancellation 31 or more days prior to arrival, 70% of the Reservation deposit is refunded

• reservation cancellation 15-30 days prior to arrival, 30% of the Reservation deposit is refunded

• reservation cancellation 0-14 days prior to arrival, there are no refunds for the Reservation deposit

2.3. Veribo retains the right to replace the selected apartment with another of equivalent or higher level and quality in the case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. if some serious damage happens to the reserved apartment prior to the Clients arrival) of which change Veribo shall inform the Client immediately.

Reception service + check-in fee – deposit policy

3.1. ARRIVAL: The Client undertakes to inform Veribo of their time of arrival at least one working day in advance. Apartments may be entered earliest at 15:00 hrs. on the day of arrival. At arrival Veribo organizes a RECEPTION SERVICE (a Veribo representative meets the Client in front of the apartment building at the agreed time of arrival: shows the apartment to the Client, gives the Client the apartment keys, signs the Sublease contract and charges the rent balance). If the RECEPTION SERVICE is after 22:00 hrs. on Sundays or public holidays, Veribo shall charge the Client an additional single check-in fee which amounts to 150,00 kn. The reception service at any time other than specified above is free.

3.2. DEPARTURE: Apartments must be left latest at 11:00 hrs. on the day of departure. At departure the Client must leave all the received keys and parking card (if there was such) in the apartment unless agreed differently (a lost key s charged to the Client in the amount of: 300, 00 kn, and a lost parking card in the amount of: 450,00 kn).

3.3. A deposit covering breakages and damages may be required at the time of booking. The deposit will be refunded at the end of Clients’ stay, following VERIBO inspection of the apartment used by the Client, and settlement of all charges owing to VERIBO. If a deposit is not charged, valid credit/debit card details, to cover any additional charges during Clients’ current (or any future stays with VERIBO) must be provided at the time of booking, and VERIBO reserves the right to deduct from that card, without further notice, all amounts chargeable under Section 3.2., 7.3, 7.4, 10.6. Within one week of such a deduction, VERIBO will provide the booker by e-mail a breakdown of the issues and costs of rectifying them. In the event that payment is declined, for any reason, or no card details are provided, VERIBO reserves the right to charge the company or individual who made the booking at the address provided. Client must pay this invoice within 7 nights of issue.

Police registration and guests in the apartment

4.1. The Croatian law obligates all foreign citizens to be registered with the local tourist office and the police office (if outside the EU), during their stay in Croatia. Upon arrival the Client and all other persons staying in the apartment must provide Veribo with the necessary personal information for doing this.

Rent, shortening and prolongation of rental period

5.1. The Client undertakes to pay the balance of the rent for the whole rental period in advance (latest upon check-in), unless specifically agreed otherwise with Veribo.

5.2. The client may prolong his rental period during his stay in the apartment if the apartment is available for such prolongation, and if not, Veribo may offer the client another apartment if such is available.

5.3. If the Client prolongs his rental period during his stay, thus entering a higher discount class, the larger discount will apply only to the rental price in the prolonged period.

5.4. If the Client shortens his rental period after check-in, he is obligated to inform Veribo about this. If the departure night falls between 1-14 days from the moment Veribo was informed of the earlier departure, Veribo shall not refund any of the paid rent. Veribo shall refund 80% of the rent paid for the 15th and any following unused nights counting from the day the Client informed Veribo of the earlier departure.

5.6. In case the Client shortens his agreed rental period, the discounts will be calculated based on the actually realized rental perio based on price list.

Manners of payment

6.1. Payment must be made to Veribo in Croatian Kuna and must be clear of all bank charges, exchange rate variations, and any other deductions. If the Client chooses to pay in cash in a currency other than Croatian Kuna, Veribo shall use the Exchange Rate based on the sale rate of Zagrebačka banka d.d.

6.2. Veribo is pleased to accept Cash, PayPal, Credit cards (Master Card, Visa) or bank transfer.

Damage in the apartment and final cleaning

7.1. The Client is responsible for taking all reasonable care of the property and its contents. The apartment and all equipment, utensils, furniture etc. must be left clean and tidy at the end of the rental period.

7.2. Except in the case of normal wear and tear the Client will be responsible for making good any damage to the apartment or its contents which has occurred due to negligence, willful damage or irresponsible behavior on the part of the Client or his guests. Such damage must be reported, without delay, to Veribo.

7.3. After the Clients departure, a Veribo representative will check the apartment. If there is damage in the apartment Veribo will inform the Client about it and the Client is obligated to compensate the full amount of such damage within 3 days of Veribo’s notice. The cost of repairing a broken object or any other damage in the apartment shall be calculated based upon the actual cost of its repair or replacement.

7.4. Veribo expects the apartment to be left in reasonable state on departure. Final cleaning is free of charge. If at Veribo discretion additional cleaning is required on departure, the cost of this cleaning will be charged 250, 00 kn




Services provided by Veribo and expenses

8.1. The rent covers and Veribo provides the following service:

• Cleaning once a week (for rents that last 11 nights or more).

• Changing of bedlinen once a week (for rents of 11 nights or more). One set of linen per person/week.

• Changing of towels once a week (for rents of 11 nights or more). One set of towels per person/week.

8.2. In addition to the services in 8.1. the Client may use additional services for an extra charge based on price list

8.3. The rent does not include and the Client undertakes to pay:

• Check-in fee according to article 3.

Apartment maintenance

9.1. Veribo Representatives or their subcontractors have the right of access the property at any time, with due regard to the convenience of the Client, for the purpose of inspection of the property and to carry out any essential repair or maintenance work.

9.2. Veribo is obliged to repair any damage or failure in the apartment that occurs for any reason, other than the Clients fault, at his own expense within the following periods:

• Emergency defaults (such as power failure, pipe burst, heating failure etc.) shall be repaired in the shortest possible period counting from the moment the Client informed Veribo of such failure.

• Other defaults (such as washing machine break down, oven break down, TV break down etc.) shall be repaired during the first working day following the Client’s notice to Veribo, and if not possible within that day, in the shortest possible period needed for such a repair.

House rules

10.1 Parties are forbidden in all Veribo apartments.

10.2 Noise shall be kept to reasonable level and residents are not allowed to disturb the peace and quiet of other occupants in that building by shouting, loud use of audio/video reproducing devices (TV, radio, hi-fi) or by any other similar conduct, particularly between 22.00-08.00

10.3 It is not allowed to leave pets alone in the apartment. Pets are not permitted to disturb other guests and residents. In case of

any incident, the owner of the pet has to take consequences.

10.4 Smoking in not allowed in the apartments.

10.5 Only registered guest are allowed to stay in the apartments, any visitors should leave apartment by 24.00 hrs

10.6 Not applying with any of house rules (10.1,10.2,10.3,10.4,10.5) will result in cancellation of reservation, full charge of

unused nights and penalty of 750,00 kn.

Internet in the apartment

11.1. Veribo provides ADSL Internet connection in all its apartments. Veribo covers the Internet expenses.

11.2. The Client connects to the Internet through a router that is provided in the apartment and connects to the router through a network cable or wireless.

11.3. Veribo shall provide the Client with a working router, but is not responsible for the settings on the Client’s computer.

11.4. The Client is obliged to use internet connection according to law

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